biosig4octmat'' neboli BioSig for Octave and Matlab (Nezaměňovat s balíkem octave-biosig, což je API pro biosig4c++)

A biosignal processing toolbox pro Octave a Matlab – balík nástrojů pro Octave a Matlab. Toolbox je rozdělen do následujících kategorií:


  • biosig/doc/*: Documentation and help.
  • biosig/t100/*: Data acquisition.
  • biosig/t200/*: Data formats, loading and saving routines.
  • biosig/t250/*: Quality control and artifact processing.
  • biosig/t300/*: Signal processing and feature extraction.
  • biosig/t400/*: Classification, single trial analysis
  • biosig/t450/*: Statistical tests for multiple comparisons.
  • biosig/t490/*: Evaluation criteria.
  • biosig/t5xx/*: Presentation and output.
  • biosig/viewer/*: Interactive viewer and scorer (requires Matlab).
  • tsa/*: Time series analysis.
  • nan/*: Statistics of data with missing values encoded as NaN (not a number).